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B R A G G I N G........
(7TH OCTOBER 1951 / Trissur, Kerala State, India.)

B R A G G I N G........


We feel we are
The smartest, owtwitting
Everyone else,
Feel the most successful,
while is really
A failure, or of medium size,
Feel the greatest poets,
But writing mostly unreadable,
Feel the best husband or wife,
While we are just not thrown out,
Feel the most intelligent,
But stupidder than most,
Feel capable than others,
While achievements are
But little to memorize,
Feel most friendly,
But lucky we are not hated,
By the mercy of others,
Feel the most decent,
While bieng mostly indecent,
Feel most honest,
But little are lies left by us,
Feel the greatest - hey-
Not the greatest, but one of them,
But we are in the commoners
List of nodoers or little doers
To the society we live in,
Feel the most hardworking,
But is really on the lazyline.

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