Love Burgeon

When Love burgeon begins
I should know what good
For my heart God, I am good
I am giving my heart to you
Be with me whenever the rain
pour over us to drain

Lord is my Shepard your Shepard
He will take away our pain,
come and take my hands baby
I am good at given in
I wanna be holy again,
trying to keep it cool,
I am feeling like I am going in
I know if I got you I am gonna be what I wanna be,

I am double up on my face
praying putting my knees down
and I never forget to count your name,
In his name down with my knees
Asking for forgiveness knowing nothing to him impossible
Asking to be given you
Knowing nothing He can't rule
To him again asking to be given grace.

Again I know I am a sinner but don't wanna fall in the same sin again.
Give me your hand I know I may look strange, I am strand...
My heart is empty please walk with me.
I don't wanna be lonely again
I wanna be home again...
Nothing left to say regaining my blood after the strain.
You'll think I am insane
But no, your love is seen...

Looking up my eyes what you see
Telling the story through face
Your prettiness I never preterite
The past be the passing news
To you, bringing new me

The world is fighting I will give you that peace
My heart is beating I will give you that piece...
Never struggle I will bring you that peace...
When you need me I will give you that kiss...
When next to me I will bring you that comfort...
With me, in your life comes fun...

My passion is asking for the person I can hold in....
My life is open you can get in...
My soul is in pain the wound, you can feel the hole...
I know you great you can fill the hole that looks like drainage...
I don't wanna live in pain again
Come and take this love burden...

by Goodenough Sakhile Dlamini

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