Bab's Wedding Song

You are my joy of life,
My pleasure,
The sweet taste of Love
In full measure.

Sweet songs become sweeter,
Sad songs pass away,
And life becomes more complete
When I wed you today.

Days become brighter,
The air more clear,
My heart becomes lighter,
And I lose my fear.

I'm no longer lonely,
Sad and alone...
With you by my side,
I'll sing a new song.

by Scarlett Treat

Comments (4)

A lovely song of happiness and promise. Three cheers.
When two become as one through such a song, this is beautiful, ..well done Scarlett Love duncan X
Lovely and lyrical, straight from the heart... A wedding song par excellence, friend Scarlett... Esther : ]
And the keystone here, is this fine gathering of literary verse is as lyrically inclined as it is poetically adroit...Major Kudos on this, Sweet Scarlett! FjR