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YD (1990 / )


Poem By Yiling Ding

I'm one of those horrible people
who incessantly babble
till your ears fall off and you
turn away in distaste
because I like you too much.

I don't understand
what's going on in your pretty head
so I babble on, hoping to
hit something that interests you.
You fascinate me.

It's silly to tell you how I revere you
since I know so little about who
you really are
so instead of the few words I want to say
replaced is the incessant babble.

I never told you how pretty I think you are
how much I want to understand you
talk to you, be friends with you
know you.
I never told you how captivating you are.

I always notice when you're there.

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Wow I really like this poem....babble lol