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Babbling Thoughts Again....
AR (3/18/1979 / San Jose', California)

Babbling Thoughts Again....

Poem By Angelique' Rockwell

I'm running all around
Trying to get shit done
Every, single, fucking day
Being accused of having fun

So, at least once a week
I try to get out
Then I find I dread going back
What the fuck's that all about?

For such a long time
I wasn't allowed to do shit
Leaving the house was an issue
Sometimes even school would start a fit

So yes, sometimes I still run loose
It may be just to show that I can
That no one can control me
Especially some stupid man

Now it seems that my mother has replaced
The man I married but grew to hate
She starts to talk and I try to run
I don't need stress-it only makes me gain weight

So when I finally do escape
I have to push myself to return
Only to get yelled at again
Like a child who just won't learn

If only they didn't make ita big deal
Then I wouldn't run away so much
The need wouldn't be so dominant
The 'escape' wouldn't be such a clutch

I'm looking for a job again
Something productive for me to do
To keep me out of trouble
And out of fantasy land too

I'm very good at what I do
So I know the confidence is there
The only problem that I've found
Is that they look at what I wear

I don't act or dress my age
For that I am aware
I don't wear make-up
And only sometimes do my hair.

If you don't like me for who I am
go on and stand in line
I'm comfortable with who I am
an if you don't like me that's fine....


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