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Babe Listen To My This Last Song Ever

this last symphony we shall play,
here goes the final song,
rhythm of heaven, tempo of hell,
chorus of my love, despise of yours?
this song i sing, i sing with ardent affection,
and helplessly devote in it,
never will i concern whether there'd be applauses,
my fondness i could not conceal,
and would you concede?
please just once, my dear,
look into my eyes even if it was never pretty,
listen to my words and not neglect any of it,
this awful song perhaps, would not be played again.
as this hymn reaches the last note,
my breath ends with it,
even the bleak light would soon be gone.
to become the dew that quenches your heart,
i offer thee this silent sacrifice.

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A little sad but romantically significant for love saying goodbye! A 10.
Just as your surname says. t x