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(Unfurl the wings of these pages
Let them carry you away
Wave goodbye to the broken world
That you'd leave behind
Crash through a big wide ceiling
Shattering glass falls like stars
Unfurl the wings of your past
Wave goodbye to your broken world)
When all is shattering around you
And your friends are turning their backs
All that's left to do is look inside
And you will find
Wings of pure white
Formed by yellowed pages long ago
Untouched till now
And now, you know

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Comments (4)

Wasn't quite sure I got this one; too many interpretations came to mind. Still very lovely and mysterious piece of writing. -chuck I wish there was a tower, still, instead of just a sonnet I think I'd feel powerful to get to stand upon it.
A fine Petrarchian sonnet, Linda. The Talmudic theme/Biblical story are seen through a very modern lens here. Good writing. With warm regards, Hugh
Great interpretation of the original fall Linda! Understanding is everything. 10 from Tai, loving a sonnet with a twinkle in it's eye.
Amazing wording, Linda. Wow! ! !