Babii you know how I have missed you
You friendship your smile too
Your unique the only person in my life who
I can trust with my heart and things deep
And when I see you my heart does leap
I know that you know me and I you
And together we lean on another to get thru
I don’t know what you saw in me
But I know what I saw in thee
Your warmth your smile your listing ear
And when I am in need your always near
Only when I think of you I know
My heart still beats cos it usually don’t show
Only with you I am not scared of me
Or afraid to be hurt you see
Only you make my words pour from my heart
My love for you will never part
Your my closest friend my shinning star
You’re beautiful you know how wonderful you are
Nothing would be right without you
I hope you are the same way too
Foxy 07

by foxy babii

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hey! this is superb! ! fine rhyme and rhythm! and theme is WOW! ! 10++++