(22/03/66 / Manchester)


A baboon has a stern sideways glance
An air of indignation like an Indian
Railway-guard at a busy train station.

I see baboons, groom each other
Then wonder why one doesn't groom me
Don't I deserve ticks fleas bitten off me?

Baboons they are simply fascinating
Either from the front or behind:
How did we get talking about baboons?

I do not know, but let us not be unkind
Just in case there is one, one-of-a-kind
I don't want to hurt their feelings too deeply.

Coz-baboons wear the same expression
It's human too, I, don't care who you are
You'll see it when they smash up your car.

Baboons, baboons, baboons
I see them daily going to work fed up
Squinting with a look that says what the f***.

by Mark Heathcote

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It is always great to read your poems. Thanks for sharing.