BZ ( / Ulundi)

Baby Business You're On Your Own

Business dream turned into business idea
Business idea turned into business plan
After nine months of pregnancy
A baby business is born

Nappies and tissues in short supply
Milk and powders in limited supply
Dummies and toys no where to be found
No mother or nanny in sight

Baby business you're on your own
There's no time to crawl
Crying will not help in anyway
Run baby business run

Few friends in sight
Few well-wishers along the way
Ex-colleagues too busy to notice
It's time for new friendships

Customers don't deal with cry babies
Suppliers don't care you're only a baby
Banks don't care how old you are
Pay up or you will be blacklisted

So many skills to acquire
Marketing and sales
Banking and reconciliations
Logistics and distribution
Complaints and relationship management
Baby business you're on your own

by Bheki Zungu

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I like the tittle, it attention drawing... Like I was expecting something else. Still the poem is nice