Ode To Your Ghetto Booty

I need no eyeglasses to see what you got in your trunk
Lord have mercy! A big beautiful badonkadonk
The way you shake it so bootylicious
More bounce to the ounce and so damned delicious

That backside is off the chain and banging
You've got a brother's pants sagging
I want to worship your tantalizing rump
Push that thing up on me and let me feel that bump

You've got a gorgeous bubble
I better take care before I get my butt into trouble
That big beautiful bottom
Those jeans you wear must be custom

Like a terrorist, I'd hold your bottom for ransom
It looks good enough to be on a hip-hop album
I want to play on your bum like a drum
I'm begging you please O' please give me some

You got me drooling like a dumdum
Just a sneak peak and I'll take you to Belgium
Just a squeeze and I'll jump any chasm
Nice, round, sweet, and simply awesome

Let me plant a seed and see if it will blossom
So much bass I'd never suffer from boredom
I'd like to make a cast and wear it as an emblem
I would lay on it from spring to autumn

Looking at it makes my groin spasm
I'd promote your bottom to saint Dom
I'd cuddle up with it and never be lonesome
I want to tear you up something fearsome

That thick booty makes my body go numb
The way it moves with so much rhythm
I would handle that booty like a hoodlum
That bumper is headed straight for stardom

by Wilfred Mellers

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