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Baby Girl

I don't know what to say or exactly where to start
These feeling are so real and straight from my heart
Its always one of the hardest things I ever have to do
Driving away from you and your brother on Sunday afternoons

You were only six at the time by a month and one whole day
You looked at me so sad as if you wanted me to hear you say
“Please don’t leave me daddy I want to go with you”
Your look left me broken hearted and I didn't know what to do

I kissed and hugged upon you until I could no longer bare
I just had to quickly leave and get the hell right out of there
To leave or stay is not a choice that either one of us can make
Between your mother and me I’ll never make you say

It was just one of those sad looks and slow walks to the door
and knowing it will be two weeks before I see you once more
I can’t get it from my mind no matter how hard I try
When I think of you I get all choked up and cry

If there was something I could say or something I could do
nothing could stand in my way of being with you two
I miss you both so very much when the two of you aren’t here
I’d give or do anything to have you close and near

All I can do is sit and wait and look forward to that day
When you come back to daddy’s house and we can sit and play
I hope you both always know even if I am not there
My heart is with you always cause to me you are so dear
There’s not a day go by that you are both not on my mind
If I could ask for anything it would only be for more time

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