LJM (1977- / Orlando, Florida)

Baby Girl Come Home

Baby girl... Why do you desire all these earthly things?
when I can give you the wisdom, wealth and security
of more than one thousand kings.
I am your God, your soul survivor
You must first humble yourself,
and trust in me,
through my son Jesus Christ
you shall be free.
You once knew my Greatness and wonderful power,
but something happened and you became
that of a wilted flower.
I miss your bright petals and your beautiful smile
You can have that again, if you could just sit awhile
and soak in my glory, and honor me with praise
time is short, there is no time to waste.
Just come to me, and ask for my help.
I am always available rain or shine!
you are my beautiful flower, a child of mine.
I will always forgive and forget.
Baby girl... I know that it's hard, but just take the first step
and the rest will follow.
You were made in my image, that you must know
I desire great things for you, in all that you do.
Please come back home to me daughter, until then I bid you a deu.

(a plea from a Concerned Father to his daughter)

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