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Baby, I Can'T Breathe
AR (16/08/1998 / Kerala)

Baby, I Can'T Breathe

Poem By Anjali Ram

The lyrics are Written well, and the notes are lovely played
But its hard for me to breathe Whenever i hear this sweet melody.
Baby, i want you to know that, you are killing me with your sword of music.
and so i just cant breathe..its harder to breathe...
I still remember the moment you swept me out of my feet.
But still you never know anything because you were Utterly playing your monster.
And you know? its me who just cant breathe.
Let me find the secret escape of love before your strings make me to stay here forever.
Its dawn and I'm getting down, because i just cant breathe baby.
Today i want to thank the little stars and the moonlight
for our first meet during the melodious long cold night.
but when i looked into the skies the stars are missing,
and i can see them only in your eyes.
and now its harder to breathe, because i get butterflies Every time i see you
Oh, its hard to breathe in this euphony night
But still
You never know anything
because you were Utterly playing you monster!

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