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Baby, Ive Chosen Darkess
(May 10,1991 / )

Baby, Ive Chosen Darkess

Poem By Kathryn Garner

Wish you had a heart to kill
Wish I had a heart to steal
And in your mistakes
I wish you could feel
The pain, yes the agony,
Its takes to heal

Give me the pills
But baby, I’ve chosen darkness
In this empty beat
Its foreboding fills
The pain, the agony,
And yes the loneliness

I’m screaming out of my mind
And out of this place
Begging my loyalty, my heart
To escape
Its an obscene truth
And obscure use
But baby, I’ve chosen darkness

There’s a taste to repent
But not when the angel
Denies from where its sent
Sent up from fire
Sore with desire
And now it burns in me
[in my eyes]

Waiting for you to waken you eyes
To finally realize
I’m begging for those lonely dice
My lovely, beautiful, satanic vice
To set my mind right
But baby, I’ve chosen darkness

Lost heart
Broken soul
Seeping sin
From this gash
This hole
I plead to be whole again’

Come mess me up, babe
Give me a sin to be a slave
Taking my answers to the grave
Cuz baby, I’ve chosen darkness

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Your verse is powerful, this poem is very much an attention grabber. Nice job!
Wow. Great poem. I like the style. -Kylie M. Lynch