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HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)


Poem By hazem al jaber

I asked you, if you liked me, you said no.
i asked you if i was pretty, you said no.
i asked if i was in your heart, u said no.
i asked if you would cry if i walked away, you said no.
so i walked away,
you grabbed my arm and said...
i don't like you, i love you!
you are not pretty, you are beautiful!
you are not in my heart, you ARE my heart.! !
And i wouldn't cry if you walked away, i would die!

By hazem02

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Comments (10)

It is not a poem...I mean I heard the same in different languages and in different ways, poems, prose and just like random thoughts.
I had started feeling sorry for you at the beginning of the poem i must say you had me on that. Otherwise it is real nice
Agreed! your poems always have me smiling.Keep up the great job. ._.
once again, very nice. tho i ve heard somethin like it before, u r the only one who can put it this way. keep on writing! -suze
omg that is sooooo cute i love it soooo much! ! ! he he he so yeah well plz keep on writing love poems! ! ! ! always, nicci