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I brushed my teeth in the parking lot
to get your cum out of my mouth
I tasted you again
girl what do you do to me?
it's a mystery
everytime i'm near you
i can't breathe
you've stole my heart
and my soul
when i'm with you
i have no self control
i want to touch you
and be near you everyday
i dream of being inside you
i taste you in my sleep
it's like you're my obsession
the only one i want to keep
so come here, my heart
let me touch you again
i've waited a lifetime
to be here with you
to hold you in my arms
to kiss your lips
to show you my love with my hands
i want to devour you
i want to get lost in you
i have been lost w.o you

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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