Poem By Justin Gildow

I know when I'm sleeping
And that I'm dreaming in slumber
Well, it's no night by numbers since you tiptoe through my room
Spreading your radiance
Allowing me to inhale your scent
From wherever you came and wherever you went
And it's so pleasant
You probably know that I think and dream of you
And that you know that I think of you as my love

You're shooting love and glitter all over my room
And letting it get past my defenses
I know you know how to probe through my mind
And you're searing through my dreams by planting your wafting dream kisses
You're sitting beside me tonight
How I feel you near me
You gently pick up my hand
Then softly kiss it and put it down
As you leave your hand in mine for a few seconds
While letting me sink into your essenses all around

I really care for you

You quietly disappear
Without a trace
But tonight I know you've been here
As you've made your mark in this place

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that was see the whole story in your mind when you write..~hazel

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