Babylon Regrets

When it creeps up into the night
When there is dark and no longer light
Will babylon regret what they denied,
Seeing it's to late, there's no plave to hide?

Running in fear knowing death in near,
But all they have left is a swollen heart of fear.
Hearing the cries of those in pain,
Round the world has gone insane.

With on thing in mind that hurts the soul,
Like a black, endless, sucking hole.

And only thing 'I wish, I wish,
Then maybe I would be one of them
And not this soul that I condemn! '
And as they thing tand they regret,
The one below sure claims his bet.

But maybe, maybe in gearnerations to come,
If they've softened, maybe some
Will grab another chance to make it throught.

They'll beat the battle another time,
And welcomed to paradise in peace sublime

And only thinking 'I wish, I wish'

By: Mikelle

by Nyki Thomas

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