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Babylon Reigned In Ancient Times
CDM ( / Artesia, New Mexico)

Babylon Reigned In Ancient Times

You made trembling in the earth
And kingdoms shook in fear:
Like leaves in trees in a gale of wind.
Jerusalem fell, and desolation became her worth.

You towered
In world power.
To gain fame,
Make yourself a name,
Was the object of your game.

You were proud.
You shouted out loud,
Bragging your arrogance and haughty ways.
You symbolized worldly kingdoms,
Pleasures, and goals.
You were inhuman and pitiless
Enjoying your war games and raids.

You ruined the temple
Of God’s Holy Home.
Inhabitants to other lands
You made His people roam.

You caused
The sky to unfold as dark.
This is the judgment
Thrown to you like a dart.

You’ll be remembered
As the great enemy of God
By the evil seeds you’ve sown.
For you showed no mercy to others.
You will receive none, and it’ll be made known.

You became independent
From Assyrian rule.
A metropolis on the Euphrates River;
Splendor was your school.

Your power grew more
Than any other,
In The Fertile Crescent
Loved more than your mother.

You became:
The “City of all Cities, ”
The “Jewel of Kingdoms, ”
The “Pride of your race, ”
A life of fast pace.

You were known as:
“The Holy City, ”
“The Golden City, ”
“The City of Hanging Gardens”
With no second chances, and no given pardons.

You were tagged
As one of the Ancient
World’s Seven Wonders.
Your partying
Celebrations roared
Louder than thunders.

Your learning Center
Ranked high in the land.
Your invented alphabet
Was awesome and grand.

You were magnificent.
You were splendor,
A populace that’s “High” school.
You lived for the moment
Making up your own rule.

Your beauty was grandiose
For all the world to see.
But it is gone now,
Only a memory.

For your day came
Underneath God’s wrath.
You were destroyed
And demolished, and your
Reduced ruins now lay in
the country known as Iraq.

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