(1822-1888 / Middlesex / England)

I Am Greed, I Am, I Am

I am greed...
I travel with wide spread fast speed.

From man to woman and man...
As fast as i seriously may or can.

For i am the emotion that is hardest for all to leave as beat...
I instill to the beastly man intolerable jealousy and hateful heated heat.

Greed does take away all mens rights as freed...
For i am man's most hated breed.

I perform all types of evil breeded seed...
I grow up taller than many other types of a well growing of a weed.

I branch out as if in lately fashionable style...
I can't be stopped, to this fact there is no denial.

I possess many a soul...
I remove from man and woman an unreachable saintly filled like like lifely goal.

Greed, that i am...
I am not of an honorable sham.

That i am, i am, i am.
I could even be considered one undesirable unwanted themed ham.

That i am, i am, i am.
I am greed, that be right am i am.

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Nice work with the muse of life, nature and art!
Stillness versus excess. Sooner or later, the young people and their new ideas will leave the field, and their time on the stage will end. No matter what man wants, time will move on and the world will no longer be his orchard. These things are unchanging- an earthly definition of immortality.
bob dylan should make this a song!