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A Pre-Packaged Belief System
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

A Pre-Packaged Belief System

This big program
that's been handed to you
created by god?
or blind men in a zoo?

Does it include pain
and lack and ego?
Is that a path
where willingly we go?

Tainted a bit by
politics, ideology and man?
Just add sweetener
and put in a cute can

Sell it to all
with fear and a sword
but tell the people
it's purely the LORD

The highest TRUTH
one will ever serve
don't fatally serve

in other directions

Truth is 'right'
it's honest and fair
Truth doesn't hurt
not even a hair

God=Truth and Truth= Right
Right hurts no one
it loves, never starts fights

Action from Truth
or Wisdom some say,
considers all man
in the very same way


God's Name is Truth
it's there for all
without IT at the top
your system will fall


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Comments (3)

Excellent, it reminds me of the first time I heard Rachmaninoff and decided I would stubbornly learn to play it. But nope. This caught me: 'He never did impress a single one, nor did the devil stay to listen to the sounds.' I don't know why. Best Wishes, Tallie Kanex
Nicely written....I remember when my mom tried to get me interested in classical music....I liked it but I leaned more to Rock 'n' Roll. She still frowns on me today....lol
there is something musical about this poem that makes me want to play with a string quartet Warm regards allan