(Jan.10 1985 / Martin, Kentucky)

Back Again

Back Again
Treading upon a rocky road,
To be pitched in a turrent
Of unforgiving paths.
Settled once,
Then forgotten,
To begin anew,
Hopefully a fresh start
On this well-beaten path.
Will you be in another folly?
Lose your way again?
Will you forget your friends
There to guide you?
Ahh, but that is to be seen,
And you still have some sense
To not wander.
And the distance, yet traveled,
Is of tomorrow.
And today
The choice of where to go
Is left to ponder.

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Any one try to make depression make sense? Specially when a friend has it over and over... And after telling them that they have that choice to kill themselves and end their life or they can listen to their friend and brave the tide of life... ahh I happen to have quite a few poems about this. I wonder why... God! I ask you! why does she never listen?