(Spring / Rio 40 Graus..Cidade Maravilha...Delray Beach)

Back Alive Home In Paradise

Outside I go as sunny it is,
And for God I believe,
and to live I am as blue the sky,
the clouds out there can lift me up!

Because I believe,
Because faith I have,
To look forth and far beyond...
Whatever future might bring...

Destine or Free Will,
A flag I have, a purpose to live
For those who adopted me
For the ONE who gave me life

As to be happy here I am,
So are you...
So join me in life
Or share my dreams...

A ride I offer while the song is on play
We can make it happen,
we can bright the day,
Lets go and face Outside is Sunny!

Sunny shall be your face
Bright open an Smile
Be Happy we are here
Alive, wathever to call make of Earth...

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This is beautiful, from a heart of great depth......writing quickly while able to log on this poem..[it's a miracle! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ] marci. :)) ~~~~