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Back From Holiday

Back from holiday
I had a great time
Now I am back here with a moan
Back to the grind stone

I spent a week
With my mum and dad
Drinking like a little lad
Getting beat at pool
with my dad

Sitting and chatting
with my mum
playing cards
and acting dumb

Now I sit in my khaki cube
all full of the holiday blues
All full of doom and gloom
After holiday blues is no good news

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Your back thats good news man, dave
Hey Tiyler, can you draw comics? Or do you know anyone who can? Your poems would be a terrific accompaniment to a dark comic book about a guy who is always depressed and moaning, sitting in his khaki cube, etc. I don't mean to make light of you, but I think it could be an existential sort of cartoon with dark humor. You could exaggerate how bad things are. Maybe it could be called 'Gloom.' I mean, if we can't laugh at our own situations, then we're REALLY sunk. Just a thought.
I think your holiday with your parents sounds wonderful Tiyler. I agree with Charles, you're very lucky! Sincerely, Mary
at least you had some fun others never a taste of good times forever blue, despair constant continual, heart crushed hopes dashed doom in every breath a fine poem