Back Home In Iowa

Poem By jim foulk

oh, Iowa your green rolling hills,
to be back here, brings my heart thrills,
my child hood was spent here
many memories have I, that are very dear.

The capitol city has changed so much,
many years away from you, that I lost touch
to see the tall green corn
and back here where I was born.

Some things do stay the same,
like the hot humid weather, you can't be blamed
progress does come every where
as I look around and do stare

Iowa, you have come a long way,
and to see all the changes, makes me sway
you're still beautiful, as when I left
but the changes, my heart does cleft.

Comments about Back Home In Iowa

Heartfelt. I must praise your verse - it comes from the heartland, the land of the heart.
Jim, you've read mine on a similar theme, so you know just how this would affect me. Childhood surroundings get woven into the heart and clearly Iowa is deeply woven into yours. It shows very clearly from beginning to end of this love poem. A lot of change must be a challenge to cope with. There are some things we want to stay they same and our place of origin is probably near the top of the list. I enjoyed this jim. Made me wonder if it was similar to where I come from - the green rolling hills - we've got plenty of them in South west Scotland. Thanks. jim

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