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Back Spin
AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Back Spin

Why are we in a back spin
Why this funny feeling under my skin
You called and your voice shivered
My heart sank with the message you delivered
You said, come over, we need to talk
I hung up and could barely walk
The drive to your place I did dread
Was our love hanging by a thread
You met me at your door
You said you didn’t want me anymore
You gave back the engagement ring
I felt like a lost bird with a broken wing
You denied me one last kiss
And my soul fell into an abyss
Why are we in a back spin
Going backward to what might have been
We can’t turn back the pages of time
Why am I a victim of this heartless crime
You cannot look me in the eye
Was it all just one big lie
Was my heart your play thing
Where you could pull any string
Now I’m fit to be tied
Falling down on my backside
Why are we in a back spin
Where pain and sorrow are about to win

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