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Back Then..
SN (03-30-91 / Oak Park, IL)

Back Then..

Poem By Shannon Nicole

I remember back when my family actually liked one another.
I wish it was back in the old days,
Where people were all for peace rather than war.
I would like to see the tree huggers and the hippies,
Rather than the stoners and the alcoholics.
I liked it better when people would greet and smile,
Rather than frown and hate.
I remember when my family would invite everyone over,
Even their crazy in-laws.
We'd all talk and like best friends,
But in reality..Now..
We're hating each other for the stupidest things.
My uncle and aunt are close with age,
They're siblings,
But they won't talk to one another.
They won't look in the others direction.
They're wishing the other didn't exist.
Christmas is coming up..
Hopefully we can all pretend like we love each other..
We're bringing a little girl into the family.
She doesn't need to grow up around all this immaturity.
She needs a loving family,
Not a world of destruction.

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wouldn't everyone like that mostly the ones with no family i no i would....