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TRW (In may / Maine)

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Back to a year ago
Back to that place where things made sence
Where everything was kept inside
My heart was lost
It was almost gone
Carved outta stone
And left alone

Back to a place
Where things made sence
And I felt alive
Oh so alive

The place deep in my heart
Filled deep with pain and broken promises
Now written on paper and on my sleeve for it all to be seen

Back to that place
Where I was less emo
Where I was queen
On top of my emotions and everything in between

Before she died
I had control
Is this a sick joke?
Where I die from a broken heart
Tattooed on my chest
Life is a never ending battle

Back to a year ago
Time would have mattered
I love you’s
Would have been shared
As if our past never existed

so sick of fighting
but it’s a part of me now
proving I’m strong
and still alive
kicking and screaming

I’m still alive

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