Back To Feeling

Poem By maya crisol

sittin here all alone
hours of song bingeing,
I'm gettin tired of listening
somehow whatever i'm doing
after awhile everything gets boring
now i'm just starin blankly on walls
guess i'm waiting til it all falls
brain cells stiffening
i can feel it coming...
I have to do something
before i start vanishing!
squeeze out some emotion
hope to find something
there's nothing...pure nothing...
and i'm not
yet i'm not even happy...
In fact I don't feel a thing!
I think I'm at it again
another one of those moments
when you need to feel
i think i better be cutting
see you later when i'm back to feeling
that's when I'm done with the bleeding!

Comments about Back To Feeling

teehee...thank you =)
wow, themagic is in the last two lines. great work maya. and thats a great name too. i love.

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