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Back To Mother Earth
(February 12,1958 / Dagauda, Bauchi State, Nigeria)

Back To Mother Earth

I know a forest man when I see one
So do I, when I hold on to a Savannah one
But what I see is an Asian
Chinese Japanese or Korean
Alone in America I see different things
You East you West
What could the matter be with all? -
Koreans in suicidal distrust
You North, you South
What could the matter be with all? -
Nigerians in suicidal mistrust

Superhydraulic action
And there was just this
Panthalassa always has it
The superocean tears Gondwana apart
Eurasian tail once Arabianland
Or Arabia under a roof with Eurasia

It breaks Pandaea apart
South America once south Africa
Or south Africa, south Americas second leg

Shall we go back to Gondwana the mother earth?
And this, we just cant do
When nature flexes her iron muscles,
All the people go with it
All the nations are falling apart
And all the tiny patches dream of breaking apart
She will mass up again
The dismantling pandea will amass again
And might be, people will sing together
Only then and not before
But where would we be when it does?

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