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Back To My Uproots
RG (20/09/1991 / London (Edmonton))

Back To My Uproots

Poem By Renos Georgiou

Moving again, to a new place,
wont make new friends cos she'll lose them anyway
wont hang up pictures on the wall or decorate her room
for she knows she wont stay.

No feeling of security,
The Earth is violently shaking
Native ground so unstill,
makeshift homes are breaking

No sense of self worth or anything,
for all the worths not worth it
No sense of culture or who am I,
in this world where you do fit

A journey from the south where a child once lived,
A journey once completed a woman, cast arrived.

As every bridge is another thought,
As every window is another decision,
As every alien makes another remark
As every blade makes another incision

Who are you, stranger from another country,
Foreigner change be more like me,

Do as i say, lose your individuality
What chance now is there to find remains
among destroyed homes' debris?

Another failure you think you are,
your life's only just started
So don't you dare give up and turn to stone,
try to keep lighthearted

Again give the world one last try,
it beats the alternative,
one day you will get your turn to die,
so try your best to live

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A good poem you've penned here Renos it surely deserves a few more comments many in fact keep them coming