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Back To Scotland

I am telling my family and all my friends,
It is time for me to return to Scotland,
Unto the highland hills, and the poetic skills,
It is indeed for me to go back to Scotland.

I miss the country and the land,
That I seem and need to call my second home,
I pull out my pencil, to relive my stress and tensile,
As I create and write down another poem.

The sun was warm and the wind it blew,
But, those things I don’t remember or really miss,
I don’t even recall, the whole trip overall,
But, then there was that one tender kiss.

I want to walk on the land once again,
As I again look and wait for my own inspiration,
There my soul is bound, and I hope too there I will be found,
It became my desire and my own salvation.

To my friends and family I need to say goodbye,
As I need and want to go back to Scotland,
But then it might be my soul, that gets to go,
But, soon I will be heading back to Scotland.

Randy L. McClave

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