SB (23-12-1965 / KOLKATA)

Back To The Essentials.

Back to the days of the first encounters,
Back to the pictures with the zoom effects in full.
Back to first names hanging from those innocent lips.
Back when the earth was singing with the fool moon.

With each glances under the whispers of hearts.
With each letters of innocent beliefs like the dawn.
With each stroke of dreams under the stars of the Milky Way.
With all the blessings of the purest hearts around, from down memory lane.

We promised to keep the track clean
Like the heaven installed in the heart.
Keeping the flame inflamed in humility.
Even everything becomes dark.

But when everything was waiting for our touch.
The sky to color in blue.
Water to overcome the thirst.
Breeze to fly with oxygen.

Light to overpower the dark.
Dawn to nurse the night.
Peace to settle the wars.
Truth to start the fight.

Words were fallen from the hope.
Promises died out of doubts.
Dreams were shadowed by experiences,
For wisdom prevails at last.

No more sentences for dreams.
No more words to count.
No more promises to keep,
Between you and me.

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