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Back To The Old Ways
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

Back To The Old Ways

Back to the old ways
It's been days
Since pen has tasted paper
Days since soul and heart thought together
Mind on fire
Situation dire
So much falling
I hear her voice calling
Just some light
Coming from both sides... how might
I choose where to go?
I honestly don't know
Yet I do
I know which ways, but by nature and my will
I wish to go toward the false light which could kill
Me, though it's wrong I still wish to pursue
The girl who
I claim to love... yes it's her yet what do I do?
To not go after her I must against my nature
To go after her I must subvert my faith.. all for her
It's back to my old ways
It's been days
Trying to decide
I know if I choose wrong the punishment then a chide
I think I choose the pure light
Did I choose right?

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