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Back To Where I Belong
JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

Back To Where I Belong

Poem By john tiong chunghoo

my body and i never meet eye to eye
the former always playing the other out
usually we go our own way doing each own business
so that sometimes we hardly recognise each other
a wrinkle has clawed its way through the side of the eyes
and it is not even telling me, keeping it as an open secret
so stealthily it always gets itself of me so near my eyes
and i am not even told
my friend alerted me but still i could not see myself
until i borrowed a mirror, yes the mirror seems
more helpful but still i could not see until i borrow
this pair of eyes snugly placed below the brows
yes, that's when the body is most generous
only then did i get to see the way it has tore through
my face, eagle flying, through the sky of fifty years
clawing at the core of my soul now, at my ego!
it is okay, one day my friend, these eyes
and even this body, my other friend, will bid me goodbye
one day they will all be gone leaving me alone in
a spot of of nirvana meditation where all the borrowed selves
take their leave, leaving me in a spot of nirvana

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