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Back To Where I Started
(11/26/1971 / New York)

Back To Where I Started

I have let you in
back into my head
you never left my heart.
with you comes the confusion
the warmth, the longing
the questions.
my failure again surrounds me
the thick air
suffocates my already shallow breath.
inadequacy feeds my soul
along with the momentary peace.
the exquisiteness that is you.
the beauty of life that is you.
the salty headiness that is you.
the soul that is you.
it will feed on me until filled.
then leave me as a decimated shell.
it is my fear.
it is my joy.
your need keeps me.
but like all others
you will take it in passing.
out of balance.
tilted again is my world.
but it is drawn to you.
without reason
without warning
without resistance.
I am weak.
I want to feel beautiful again.

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hey eila.. this is quite touching.. nice write...