C (October 1991 / New York)

Back-Up Girl

don't look at me and act like i'm not there
don't try to make silly jokes about my hair
i'm not a toy, you can't play games with me
you made your choice now leave me alone

you had your chance, but you didn't want me
now don't try and change your mind, just leave
i wanna stay friends, how we were before,
but i'm not gonna hang around till you want me again

cause when she decides that she still doesn't want you,
you'll come running back wanting open arms
but i won't be here to save you, i’m not waiting around
cause you can't have me when she doesn't want you
i love you to death boy, but i won’t be your back-up girl.

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Nice job, made your point well and stood firm. To be nobody's second's. Nice Write! ! -Kelly.