Back When

Back When

Back when gay men hid behind their wives
When hats were wore with cowboy boots
And had that special bend that sat just over the sun
Back when women still slaved over hot stoves
With feelings of faith and hope lost in their husbands coves

Why is it when something different crawls out
Acceptance hides behind false pride
Everybody runs and hides

I swear women are more moral than men
It’s sad we will never witness a woman in office
Perhaps never
As long as we are stapled to America’s path
We’re velcroed to a culture that steals its traditions from others
A mutt of a country and we all stand pointing fingers at color

Men don’t even know how to use a potato peeler
How in the hell are they suppose to handle a country
They all hide behind old pages that talk gibberish
All men are not created equal and people
People need to stop believing in things just because there written in a book

Slaves are a thing of the past
So why are there still dinners being prepared and kids being burped
With men’s appreciation hidden behind a precious football game
America is in dire need of another revolution
And I’m standing behind one hundred percent
Few of us know the real roots of this country
And I for one, thank you

by Timmy Tubbs

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Women need to make a comeback but better than britney spear's since she just got herself in another black hole. Thanx fro sharing!