Background Of The Bible

A world controlled by God, not fate,
impervious to contingencies,
with revelations while you wait,
and angels in the wings to please,
and action that’s illogical,
to laws of physics in defiance,
and aims eschatological
ignoring what is taught by science,
the incidence of chance near zero,
and, as prophetically predicted,
high expectations from each hero
deterministically depicted,
and miracles from time to time,
resolving problems mainly tribal,
requiting catalogues of crimes,
such is the background of the bible.


by gershon hepner

Comments (2)

As a scholar, Mr. Hepner, I would wonder why you are agnostic? In easy terms, what exactly do you believe, because I cannot figure it out. Thank you...Jeannie
I must get round to reading some Borges some time since, as you know, he writes Spanish. Cracking piece of poetry, Gersh. Masterly rhymes. Love, Gina.