GG (9/15/90 / Chicago)

Backpedalling At Night

perched on a rooftop
location unknown
locale unimportant
feet planted firmly
as body sways side to side
strumming a honey thick ode to life

glued there
in that moment in time
feet planted firmly
as rain flows past my feet
briefly touching on my red hot flesh

golden lion's mane
rippling through the wind
like some homemade canvas flag
stained with the blood of war
stained with the justice of time
yet still hopefull,
i have to be if i want to fly this high

swaying proudly in the wind
i didn't do this for me
i didn't do this for you
i did this for it came roaring out of me
i did this because i always knew i would

a testament to time
a testament to glory
most likely
for never

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