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Backstabbers (A Goodbye/I'M Moving On Letter)

I'm moving on
Cause I Don't deserve...What want is much more
Forget friendship, forget love, forget forgiveness
Head to the door, go find someone
More caring of a friend then me
I ain't got time for liars and cheaters
Forget all our memories and happy laughter
Its so sad- I'm so mad!
Like a lemon, you; re so sour, and completely over power
Me when i walk into the room
Just a shower of depression rains over me
Every hour
Devour my tears, run me over-lawn mower
I don't care, ha-ha, nope not no more
So like i stated before,
Go find a '' better friend who'll adore
You more I ever could
Its really so sad, wish you had understand that
You lost a friend that was good (that cared about you and loved you)
But you trow it all away
By hurting me?
Are you crazy?
But now i don't give a s**
I'm leaving(i deserve better-way better!)
I don't care if you hard is sore
Thinking about you is no longer an option
SO Instead of saying goodbye, just 5 more letters
Now goodbye
Take care you lying sonofabicth.

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