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This must be s very strong blow that you let go. Of course, you are not talking about a real bomb but the comparison here is clever and quite funny at the samr time.Well done! I did not know whether to laugh or cry at this. You did well here, and I liked it much. Luis Estable
A hilarious write with a serious hinting.... well written
Quirky, loved the humour, good write.
The last line is genius: very well done. Hilarious!
Hahaha! Loved this... You speak as so many feel but with a great angle.. wondering if it was the Tate modern? As banksy stencilled on the steps outside (mind the crap) . Not all is. But to a layman such as I much is more about who you know than what you achieve. (To me) Saved this as it gave me such funny visions. Love the art warriors mind. Tyvm.
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