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Bad Cat
KML Kitty Marie Lucas (April 3,1910 / Sacramento, CA)

Bad Cat

gnore that cat
don't feed it
you know you won't keep it

that skinny kitty
that plain little thing

it is untame
you don't know where it's been
it is a feral thing
not to be trusted
nor cared for

if you try to feed
a damned cat
it's gonna be a mess
it will stay at your door
until you are
fed up

'no more, bad cat! '
you're gonna tell it
'go! '
so it'll leave
even lonelier than before

traces of it
will be everywhere
you'll never hide
that there was once
a little kitty
at your door

then that cat will be
long gone
more starved
cos it got used to
you feeding it

it is a troublesome thing

so just ignore that cat
don't feed it
you won't keep it
that skinny,
lost kitty

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Comments (3)

this is cute and fun!
Very amusing.
Good poem. Shows compassion