Bad Comments.

Give me work to do
Show me how to do it
If i fail to do it
Punish me severely.

Give me a query to answer
Deny me of my rightful position
If you feel i am wrong
But do not use bad comments.

Give me grass to cut
Show me how to cut it
If i fail to cut it
Beat me blue black

Give me books to read
Manhandle me mercilessly
If i fail to read them
But do not use bad comments

Bad comments are like arrows
Shot at the heart
It pierces through to the mind
And wounds the healthy soul

It is never forgotten
It glitters as the stars
It burns as the fire
And rekindles the mind

When ever the commentor comes
It is remembered
He said this about me
I will never forgive him

Never give bad comments
About somebody
It is easily remembered
It is an ever green wound
Given to the healthy soul.

by micheal udenyi

Comments (5)

a very true poem..... very heartfelt..... im starting to like all ur work now.... thanks for sharing......
Your clear but simple style of writing is evident in this poem especially. Superb! Kat
you have rhythm and a flow of logic, and a clever, again, way to exress it. And not only will I not give you a bad comment, I won't beat you black and blue, either!
i adore your poem; it's so genuinely sincere. brilliant!
ha ahha i thought you were only experienced in love i never knew you could do better in this. this is absolutely lovely