JF (October 11,1990 / Miami, Florida)

Bad Day

Looks like you have a worry,
maybe its just my thought,
if there is anything you can tell me.

You are having a bad day,
you can't lie to me, known you so long,
I can see your passions fade away.

I see the lost look in your eyes,
you do not have to look any father,
I am here for you, standing firmly.

The day seems to match you,
raining, and thundering as it is,
yet you can make a decision.

You can feel better when you like,
get rid of all your worries at once,
you are the one who decides when this stops.

Nothing will go wrong,
standing by your side I still am,
just waiting for latter's sunny blue day.

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your a good friend, anyone should be lucky to have a loyal person like you in their lives....