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Anc And The Struggle
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Anc And The Struggle

January 1912, Mzansi brought forth a child
In harsh political climate
Destined to free her people
Bound to cruel Fate
Long Live Child Of Necessity!
Viva ANC!

His growth fraught with perils
But nurtured by sons and daughters of the soil
Deprived of dignity and birthright
Whose principle offense is not being 'White'
Long Live Son Of The Soil!
Viva ANC!

His clarion call an impetus to the Struggle
Unifying localized forces of Freedom
Into mass-based Liberation Movement
Brought into the realm of Global Awareness
Long Live Symbolic Leader Of The Struggle!
Viva ANC!

Fighting against enormous odds
With hopeful unarmed natives
On spirit he focused Power
Victory assured on Will
Long Live Son Of Hope!
Viva ANC!

Braving torture, bullets, death...
Massacre of his warriors the order of the day
Energized by tears and blood of compatriots
Civil Disobedience intensify with Sabotage
Long Live The Warrior Chief!
Viva ANC!

At long last, victory and jubilation
Forces of Liberty topple forces of Oppression
Embracing 'no winner no loser' notion
He calls for 'Rainbow Nation'
Long Live Son Of Liberty!
Viva ANC!

Long Live The Symbol Of Human Dignity!
Viva The Legacies Of African National Congress!

NOTE: Mzansi is the affectionate name for South Africa.

ANC - African National Congress is the ruling political party currently in South Africa.

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