Bad Dream

Dear God, wake us up from this horrible dream we're dreaming. They said he's gone and put to rest, but we've drowned out their voices. Inside our heads, we're screaming. Please, God, wake us up, we don't want to dream this dream any more. Let us wake up now, let him walk through the door.
I just saw him lastnight Father. How could this happen? This isn't real. I can't believe he's gone Father. This will take a lot of time to heal. He was happy and content, he was having a good time. That night, being the last I'd ever see him, never crossed my mind.
He was like a father to me. He was so fun to be around. There's no way, no how, that we're laying him in the ground! He used to tell me I was his failed daughter-in-law. He wanted his son and I together so bad. When Johnathin and I broke up, Jonny tried to fix what we had. He wanted us to unite our families. He wanted us to be blood.
The time he spent here was like time in a bar. I never thought he'd drink and get into his car. Instantly killed, car hardly there. Why him? Why now? Lord, this isn't fair. He tried hard with his kids, he really loved his wife. Please wake us up. I don't want to scream. Pleas, Lord, let it be a bad dream!

by Ashley Ruckman

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it´s touching..........
it´s touching..........