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Bad Dreams (Children)
(August 10 / Born in Columbus OH - living in Florida)

Bad Dreams (Children)

In my dream, I heard a tiger
so I hid behind a tree.
I was frightened he would eat me up
'cause he roared and roared at me.

I woke up scared and sweaty,
thought I'd sleep with Mom and Dad,
but when I went in their room,
Dad was snoring really bad.

I climbed between them anyway
with the blanket pulled up tight.
I closed my eyes and wished real hard.
No more tigers, not tonight!

I remembered what my daddy said,
that your bed is like a book.
If the page on the right is scary,
turn left and take a look.

I turned to my left and fell asleep.
The tiger wasn't there...
but in its place, and growling L O U D
was a big old grizzly bear!

This time, I woke up shaking!
That really scared me bad!
I had turned both left and right
and they were the only turns I had!

Daddy's snoring like a buzz saw.
How will I go to sleep?
I'm not too good at counting yet
or I'd count myself some sheep.

I thought about his snores some more...
hmmm, Daddy sounds just like a bear.
On second thought, a tiger, too,
so I got out of there.

I closed their door behind me,
then I tiptoed quietly,
and shut the door to MY room, too.
No more roaring snores for me!

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Comments (2)

Another feast for little eyes (and big ones too) . And an important one, cos all children have bad dreams and this poem lightens the scary with humour. I particularly loved 'I had turned both left and right and they were the only turns I had'. Superb piece CJ. love, Allie xxxx
Your poems for children are little gems that must sparkle in the eyes of children you are truly a gifted poet and your position in the poetic world is much deserved keep writing my poetic friend, keep writing Warm regards AJS