Bad Hair Day

Bad hair day! Can you relate to this?
Is it P.M.S., hormones flaring or is it me –
If tempers are blazing, it’s best to stay away
Just give space to the person, who is upset,
Or things might be said that you will later regret
Wait for an explanation when things cool down
Maybe make up with a hug and a kiss
If you are a lady, “Can you relate to this? ”

by Ana Monnar

Comments (7)

Blame on hormones! Nice doing! Funny and pleasant!
Can I relate to this? No. Not at all. Not in a million years. Not one iota. Am I lying my arse off? YES! Did I enjoy this piece? YES! t x
And once you finish with P.M.S you become menopausal. Sorry, but it's so true. Ah, the life of a woman - loved the poem! Marilyn
No, I am not a woman but, I really know what you mean because I have been on the receiving end of that wrath before during my 23yrs of marriage. Scott
Isn't it amazing how the glass can seem half empty one day and half full the next. I often wonder why. I find aggressive housework can work a treat to take the mind off the mind and sit it well and truly in the body. And a sparkling kitchen or bathroom can lift the spirit and turn on the light of optimism. You're right, it's a female thing. Great piece. love, Allie xxxx
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